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Michigan 3SI - Gatherings Page
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Gatherings 1999
First Annual
Gatherings 2000
East Coast
Summer Picnic
Second Annual
Dave & Busters(11/26/00)
Gatherings 2001
Dave & Busters(2/4/01)
Dave & Busters(4/8/01)
Ocean City(ECG2k1 May 4-6 2001)
Summer Picnic (June 16th,2001)
Dave & Busters(10/21/01)
Gatherings 2002
March Lansing gathering.
Summer Picnic/3rd Annual Gathering
3S National Gathering
Dave & Busters 10/06/2002
Gatherings 2003
Lansing Gathering 03/23/03
East Coast Gathering 07/2003
June Picnic
3S National Gathering 07/2003
Joe G.'s 3S NG 2003 Pictures
Milan Dragway in October
Gatherings 2004
Gatecrasher & Alan goto Atlanta 02/20/2004
Dave & Busters 02/29/2004
Lansing Gathering 04/2004
3S National Gathering 07/2004
July Gatherings 7/28 Gators & 7/31 Picnic
3SI 1st Annual Mini-Gathering Day 9/18/2004
Gatherings 2005
Lansing Gathering 05/2005
Summer Picnic 6/2005
3S National Gathering 07/2005
3SI 2nd Annual Mini-Gathering Day 9/17/2005
Gatherings 2006
New Year's Hangover classic @ D&B 01/2006
Summer Picnic 07/2006
Gatherings 2007
2007 Lansing Gathering 4/29/2007
Summer Picnic 07/28/2007
Gatherings 2009
Summer Picnic 8/09/2009 Hosted by Xecellerated Peformance Automotive
Gatherings 2010
Summer Picnic 8/2010 Hosted by Xecellerated Peformance Automotive
Dave & Busters 09/2010

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