Michigan 3SI picnic 6/10/2000

Welcome to the Michigan 3SI summer picnic.  We had 12 cars 
(1 was a Talon) total.  Next year we hope to have more!  Look for this to be an annual event.

We took over my street, lining 1/2 the street with 3S cars on both sides. You can just imagine the gawker slow-down we incurred!
Taking a break in my back yard to eat and chat.  
Steve N.    92 RT/TT Rob Schoen    91 RT/TT
Roger R..     91? RT/TT Darnell Johnson    92 RT/TT
Kurt Ewald    92 RT/TT Cindy Ewald    ?? ES
Jeff VanOrsdal   91 ESX Mike F.    92 RT/TT
Jeff W.   92 VR4 Jen    94 RT/TT

We had filled the street so Jen parked at a business at the end of the block. 
Mike R    93 ES John R    94 RT/TT
Mike and John are brothers. 
They only found us only a few days before the picnic. 
Joe G.    ?? Talon 

Joe's Stealth is at home undergoing a major engine overhaul.


Alan S.     92 RT/TT

Would you believe it. I took a picture of everyone's car... Except mine. So here's a shot from the second floor of my house. 

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