Michigan 3SI D&B meet 02/04/01
This was the best turn out of the three D&B meets we've had so far 9 existing members 1 New member (Jason) One guy that's looking to get one and a few friends for a total of 16 people. 

We ate lunch, checked out the cars, played some games. And a few stragglers had dinner. 

As far as I know a good time was had by all

Attending Members
Mike F. (White Stealth TT)
Yvonne & Howard M.
Steve N.
Rob S. (Black/White Stealth TT)
Alan S. (Blue Stealth TT)
Jeff V.
Bob W. & Friend (Dark Blue Stealth TT)
Jeff W. (Red 3000GT)
Mark W.
Jason & Friend (Black Stealth base)
Jesse D. (Eclipse Owner (no car))
Steve P. (Black & Silver Talon)

How the hell could someone do this to a vette

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