Michigan 3SI Winter Gathering 3/4/2001
Bd's Mongolian BBQ
2080 W. Grand River
Okemos, MI 48864
(517) 347-3045

Well, When I first decided to schedule this gathering I figured we'd get 10-15 people. I mean heck It's winter, It's Michigan Who'd come out just to eat and stand in the cold looking at cars.

Well boy was I wrong. We had 30+ people. I did not even get all of the names (If your not on the list below and should be let me know)

We had 16 Owners 12 3S cars and a total of 20 cars This gathering set a record for total attendance. If we can do this in March, What will we be able to do during the summer .

Jeff and I took a total of 123 pictures click the links to the right to see them. 

The day started with a caravan from My house with Rob, Steve Jeff, and myself. We picked up Bob in Howell, MI and continued to Okemos. Caravan Pictures and details

We met up with the everyone else at the Mongolian BBQ and ate and socialized a bit. Pictures at/in Mongolian

At one of the owners suggestion we moved from Mongolian to a strip mall just up the road for some better picture options (and a little visit form the local police). Strip Mall Pictures

Attending Members
Dave G. & Tammy (Silver 94 VR4)
Mark H. (Green 92 RT/TT)
Darnell J. (Black 92 RT/TT)
Dan M. (Black 91Stealth)
Joe M. (Black 91 RT)
Brian P. (Black 2nd Gen SL)
Rob S. & Liz (Black/White Stealth TT)
Alan S. (Blue Stealth TT)
Leonid S. (Burgundy 91 VR4)
Bob W. & Friend (Dark Blue Stealth TT)
Jeff W. & Tammera (Red 92 VR4)
Rick W. (Green 93 RT/TT)
?? ?? (Black 2nd Gen RT)
Jen G. (suv)
Yvonne & Howard M. (Lexus)
Steve N. (PT Cruiser)
Jeff V & Kristy
T. (White 300Z)
Kelly F. (White 1st gen Talon TSI)
Jacob C, (Black 1st Gen Talon TSI)
Jesse D. (Thunderbird)
Darren H. (2nd Gen Eclipse)
Andrew K. (Blue RX-7)