Dave & Busters 4/8/2001
Damn every time we get together more people show, And its not even summer yet 

We had  18 3S cars this time out. And a few DSM guests. In all I think there were over 40 people. It was a beautiful day Sunny and the temp was in the high 70's.

Click here to see all of the pictures.  

4/20/01 Jeff VanOrsdal has supplied us with about 70 more pictures check them out here.

Attending Members
Jeff V & Kristy (The one and only ESX)
John P. (Black 92 VR4)
Mark K. (Green 93 RT/TT)
Dan M. (Black 91Stealth)
Eric P. (White 92 VR4)
Robert (Red 99 VR4)
Robert (Red 98 SL)
Bob W. & Friend (Dark Blue Stealth TT)
Jeff W. (Red 92 VR4)
Rob S. & Liz (Black/White Stealth TT)
Alan S. (Blue Stealth TT)
Chris B. (Teal 94 Stealth)
Roger R. (White 91 Indy TT)
Yvonne & Howard M. (Ultra Violet 93 RT)
Murray W. (Green 94? RT./TT)
Mike R. (Red 95 VR4)
John R. (Yellow 94 RT/TT)
Ron Z. (Black 92 RT/TT)
Steve N. 
Matt D.(Yamaha?)
Tim S. (Black 91 Eclipse GS)
Steve (Black Talon TSi)