Michigan 3SI Winter gathering Dec. 5 1999

Welcome to the December gathering page. There is a list of the people that attended at the bottom of this page and links to their pages. Click the picture for larger versions. 
This is the Mongolian BBQ in Okemos, MI the site of the gathering.

The weather for December in  Michigan had been pretty good the week leading up the gathering. So... what does it do that day RAIN... !@#$%^&* 
I apologize for the picture quality, given the weather I did the best I could.  
Bob W.'s Car he has removed the double wing. 
Check the Bob's page in the members area for pictures of his engine bay. 
Jon's Spyder

I wish it had been nice out so I could have gotten A pic of the Spyder with its top opening. 
Steve N's  RT/TT Check out the 19" wheels
This is the mystery SL we don't know who the owner is. They just showed up to eat( of all the things to do at a restaurant). I approached them about our group. But, I think they think I was nuts. Oh well. 
Jon, Bob, Jeff, Steve, (um well ah oops this lovely lady was with Bob. But, I cant remember her name. Boy do I feel bad. Bob help me out here), and Don
Paul and Mike. 

Attending Members

Name Year/Make Color
Mike F. 92 RT/TT White
Don K. 3SI# 152 93 R/T TT Black
Jon L. 95 VR4 Spyder Red
Steve Nilsen 92 RT/TT White
Paul Prentis 92 RT/TT Black
Alan S. 92 RT/TT Blue
Bob W. 93 RT/TT Blue

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